Friday, 19 March 2010

Final Cut Thriller Opening

This is our Final Cut Thriller Opening Sequence.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Rough Cut Thriller Project Feedback

The feedback my group recieved about our projetc was mainl possitive,helpful and construvtive.

Sound -
The main fault with our opening title sequence was that it didn't have any sound this is because we didn't upload it in time. We had finished on another computer but failed to transfer it.

Editing -
The comments we received on an editing prospective is that i was good and obviously had effort put into but lacked in quality due to no sound.

Camerwork -
We did have a range of shots from extreme close up to panning of the radiator which had a good affect.

Mies - En - Scene -
The feedback we got back saying that the use of effects such as colour corrector was really good and really portrayed the genre of the film. The way we sped up the footage was also another useful affect to add tension. Also the costumes used for example the one black hoody may of portrayed evil whereas the other character was dressed in white shows vulnerability.

I agree with all the comments made and we need to be able to upload and put the sound diagetic and soundtrack will make the opening title sequence much better.
The final project is meant to finished and uploaded in two weeks the feedback my group and i have received have shown us that we need to add final touches in editing to make it more fluent and definitely add the sound.
I believe that the feedback was mostly positive and told us that we did display most of the main thriller conventions and can easily show the audience the genre of the film. I don't think we need to make any major changes to our project other than adding the sound.
In conclusion i can tell that the feedback was positive and we made a good project and we need to add sound into the final project.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Practice Titles with sound.

These are two different types of titles which our group are deciding over.
The red titles imply danger and risk, however they do not look very profesional.
The white titles however look far more profesional, they look more classy and bold than the red ones.
The font is nice, it suits the genre of the film.
The sharp cuts add to the tension.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

camera Practice-tied up

Our task was to create a 1 minute sequence of someone being tied up, whilst creating a sense of claustrophobia and panic, through camerawork, editing and music. We used the following camera shots:
  • Extreme close up
  • Close up
  • Mid shot
  • long shot
  • Pan
  • Zoom in/out
  • Point of View
  • High Angle
  • Low Angle
I thought our sequence went well. We worked well as a team and accomplished our task of creating the sense of claustrophobia and panic using the required shots. My part in the group was to act.

Thriller Practice Music

This is a practice soundtrack for our thriller opening.

Practice Thriller Opening

We created a short thriller opening to try and gain skills in all areas of filming including; Director/Editor, Music Soundtrack, Actor & Camera operator.

The objective of this short thriller opening is for everyone to be assigned different roles to get better knowledge of all aspects and technology in filming. I was given the major part - Director/ editor this was different to what i normally prefer to do but it has helped me understand how to work together as a group and come up with the best ideas. We where given one and a half lessons to create a film and edit it also make and add a soundtrack. We all helped each other as group.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

1 minute sequence - Corey Edwards

We were put into different groups to the ones we usually work with.
My role was the actor. My character was tied to a chair in a dark room
The whole point of the project was to showcase different shot types typical to thriller films.
We had a deadline for the end of the lesson and as a group i think we worked quickly together to reach this.
We used the following shots;

Extreme close-up
Long shot
Point of view shot
slow zoom in

We completed all of these shots, some were both done within one shot, for example at the beginning of our piece we zoom out, completing close-up, extreme close-up, mid-shot and a long shot.
Overall i belive we worked both well and quickly to a deadline.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Story Board and shot List.

Definition of Thriller, and sub-genres.

Thriller is a broad genre of literature, film and television that includes numerous and often overlapping sub-genres. Thrillers are characterized by fast pacing, frequent action, and resourceful heroes who must thwart the plans of more powerful and better equipped villains. Thriller is a suspenseful, adventure story or play or movie. Some examples of different types of thriller genres are;

- Action Thriller

- Crime Thriller

- Psychological Thriller

Clock Opening Pictures

This famous clock costs $1.8million and was designed by Inventor John Taylor using his own money to build the clock as a tribute to John Harrison, the Englishman who in 1725 invented the grasshopper escapement, a mechanical device that helps regulate a clock's movement.
Making a visual pun on the grasshopper image, Taylor created a demonic version of the insect to top the gold-plated clock where it devours time.

The beast — with its long needle teeth and barbed tail_ rocks back and forth, ultimately inserting its talons in notches at the top of the clock to move it forward. Halfway through the minute the grasshopper's jaws begin to open, snapping shut at 59 seconds.

Student Thriller Analysis

Fallacy Analysis

Its continuous and montage editing. It consists of a narrative when a scared persona is running through a forest in the day from masked man with a butchers knife the cutting from the chase scene to random scenes builds and longs out the tension.

When the charters meet the suspense is at its highest the suspense is caused by the not knowing of what is going to happen and the rhythmic music that creates intensity then has a cliffhanger ending.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Catch Me if you Can Opening Title Sequence

Catch Me If You Can Title Sequence

The action stems from the titles. It tells its own little story and sort of describes the journey the man goes through in the actual film.

At the beginning it introduces the main titles including the producers and directors, when it comes to introduce Leonardo dicaprio it has a little airport sign with a golden arrow pointing towards the little animated character showing the audience that this character in the title sequence is Leonardo DiCaprio they did the same for the second main character Tom Hanks.

The music also plays a big part in the title sequence as it creates suspense and combines with the action of the animated title sequence.

After they have introduced the main characters you see Leonardo’s character rush up some steps (1), and tom hank’s character try to follow (2), but the step disappears then this black line appears (3), and then becomes the title of the film (4). Then displaying the full title. (5)

The colours used also add to the tension and suspense of the chase scenes in the title sequence when the colours become dark and intense the music becomes faster and the animated chase becomes more dramatic and the titles are still creating the background and main features of the animation. The titles also create transitions from one room to the next or from one clip to another.

In this thrillers title sequence the titles play a huge part in creating suspense and basically make the animated set whilst introducing all the characters therefore I believe that titles that are combined with the action like this make the film better as it creates tension.

Title Sequence evalution Homework - Spiderman. (Corey Edwards)

Spider-man is one of the most famous comic characters of all time. The film was one of the most successful ever upon release. The title sequence in spider-man is very much related to the film in terms on font and backgrounds. The names are written in the same font as spider-man's name is on his suit. The background for the names is the shape of a web, the names appear to fall and stick to the web. The title sequence lasts around 4 minutes, the words spin around and seperate, this is supposed to look like the way spider-man spins from web to web in the film. Also in this title sequence there is a use of pop-art images, (much like the ones in original Marval comics) flicking in and out, this sets the scene and introduces the characters.
I like this title sequence because i feel it has a connection to the film more than most. This title sequence is also different to others in the way it is constructed, most films introduce the title of the film either at the beggining or the end, however the words spider-man are scene mid way through the sequemce.
I believe that this title sequence is successfull because it has a different approach and a nice way of linking titles to the movie.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Blog advice from Andrea

Your blog is designed to evidence the research and planning you have done before you start filming your thriller.
A blog in the 'excellent' category could include some of the following detail:

1. Analysis of student thriller
2. More than one detailed analysis of real thriller openings
3. Practise soundtrack for your thriller
4. Practise soundtrack for Taking Lives intro
5. Production company logo
6. Definition of thriller, outline of different sub-genres and hybrids
7. Analysis of examples of political, psychological, action thriller and crime thriller
8. Initial ideas post
9. Final idea post - for pitch
10. Influences and the thriller generic conventions you intend to explore
11. Mood board
12. Research into other films of similar sub-genres
13. Props list - with illustrations
14. Details of costumes - with illustrations
15. Location report - where you intend to film, if it is a public place then you need to consider the logistics of filming there. If it is private property you must seek permission from the owner.
16. Complete shot list
17. Completed storyboard
18. Test footage with a full explanation as to the technique you were testing and how successful the test was.
19. Details of when you intend to film (dates, times and places), who is responsible for bringing what props etc, what actors are needed and who is in charge of ensuring the actors are informed of times and locations.
20. Practise titles, consider the job titles and the names you wish to include. Do some research into titles. Look at Saul Bass as an industry expert in title sequences.
Opening Sequence

Will start with clocks, flashing with different times. There will be background sounds of screaming and ticking clocks. There will be lots of close ups of tied up faces and needles. There will be a loud gun shot and then it cuts to a man walking down a hall, you only see his feet as he walks, and then a gun in his hand, titles come up over this. You see the man walking up to a door, it cuts to the other side of the door, it flys open and all you see is the legs of the man then another gun shot. Finish

Freddy is going to be tied up.
Digital Clocks.

Thriller Storyline.

vezes, até.

A policemans family gets kidnapped by the brother of a man he shot dead in a police raid.

The gang who were raided, were a Portuguese drug smuggling, murdering cult.

The family (Son, Daughter, Wife.) are kept in different locations, each with a timer on their chest which states how long they have before they are injected with a lethal poison.

He has to prioritise his family, one will die, who will he save?

Action Thriller set in London.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Company Production Logos

This is our Logo. It will appear before the film begins.


This is our practice soundtrack.

This is a soundtrack we made in garage band. We used beats and sound in time with the film. We changed the style of the music to the emotions of the characters. We would have liked more time to make it better.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

S2-60 Development Analysis

The first flaw of this thriller opening sequence is that is doesn't attract the audience and isn't thrilling. Also the center piece doesn't make sense as that pictures from a digital camera wouldn't need to be developed. The whole sequence was short and not thrilling the use of classic thriller conventions was little and the music didn't fit the genre.

Summary of why Thrillers Thrive

Audiences of all ages enjoy films that excite them. Excitement can come from a range of different films for example - children enjoy light airy films with happy endings and important Morales to the storyline and they will gain excitement out of that, whereas the older audiences prefer films that thrill you and films can thrill you in many different ways.

People like to watch movies where characters experience slightly unrealistic lifestyles we like to experience a life that we don't experience firsthand ourselves these films that give you a thrill consist of emotional disturbances which we call thrills. We experience these thrills through cinema artificially.

Every Audience will experience the same thrills in a film. A well made movie will deliver thrills that a person cannot realistically experience physically or firsthand.

A Thriller must be wholehearted, the more exciting the better. An authentic thriller will have the main thriller conventions such as subtle violence, suspense and realistic threats. The Classic thriller should excite and thrill the Audience.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Action Thriller Analysis - Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight.
Action Thriller.

Robbery - Villain, but with a hidden identity until the end of the opening sequence, this creates suspense and tension because you do not know what the main criminal is like. The first glimpse of the action in the sequence is when the large school bus crashes through the wall of the bank. Its quite light throughout the sequence..

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Analysis of Malcom X

Malcolm X
Political Thriller

The opening of the film starts off with slow rhythmic music, with a subtle hint of violence, therefore it is a thriller, because it keeps you on the edge of your seat as your not completely sure where the story could go, although you know that it is going to be an ongoing battle between the two races, white and black, also the violence isn't graphic so its not classed as a horror. The American flag is shown as the background throughout the entire opening apart from when it briefly skips to the footage. When the main speaker starts talking badly about America, the American flag starts to burn, the assault of the American flag shows that the film definately has political meaning. The clip that keeps being shown in brief spurts is real footage which has been recorded by an eye witness, which adds a realistic touch to the film. The slow deep music at the beggining gets sharper and more intense, this enables the audience to relate more to the feelings of the characters. A lot of the opening is dark, the footage is filmed at night, and when the American flag burns it forms a black 'X' within it. You can tell within the first minute of the opening that it is going to be a political thriller.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Definition of a Thriller.

Definition of Thriller

Thrillers are characterized by fast pacing, frequent action, and resourceful heroes who must thwart the plans of more-powerful and better-equipped villains.


Jaws is a classic thriller due to the fact it has many classic thriller conventions.

Friday, 8 January 2010

2nd Preliminary Task

Tuesday, 15 December 2009